Collin Sexton Player Profile


  • Jumper: Shows promise, glimpses of NBA range
  • Defense: Elite! Tenacious on-ball defender who’s D is contagious, off-ball D is also excellent, always fights through screens and sniffs out steal opportunities
  • Attacks the Rim: strong handle, crafty finishes, explosive in the lane, L/R finishes
  • Gets to the line
  • Relentless on both ends
  • Great length for a point guard
  • Toughness/Competitiveness: Led Alabama during a 3 on 5 game


  • Shot Selection: Forces too many shots, can be too relentless
  • Can he learn how to run an offense?
  • Passing: struggles making the correct pass but, this is fixable
  • Needs to add strength to be more switchable
  • Jumper comes and goes, simply needs more reps

Pro Comp

  • Pat Beverley
  • Terry Rozier

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2/3 but closer to tier 3
  • Picks 7-10


  • 6’2”
  • 183 lbs
  • 6’ 7 ½ Wingspan


Coaches will fall in love with Collin Sexton.

Poised to be the highest drafted ‘Bama player in quite some time, Collin Sexton has a foundation that can be built on. Specifically, Sexton shines when attacking the rim; something he does relentlessly. The guy lives at the line but can put it in too, as he has showed off an array of shifty moves. In a league dominated by players who only take shots at the rim or from deep, Sexton has half of that equation down pat. Furthermore, his J is better than his percentages suggest and he should be able to improve upon it with NBA spacing. What holds Sexton back from being the first guard taken in this draft? He isn’t much of a quarterback. A lead guard, Sexton needs to develop the passing aspect of his game. Can he make the correct PnR reads? Can he take advantage of his burst and find teammates for lobs in the dunker spot? Regardless, his defense and physical profile are good enough to make him a staple in the NBA, even if this means he takes a “first guard off of the bench” role. From seeing his stellar intensity, I would not bet against this man doing what it takes to become a high-level NBA starter.


1. Splits Ayton hedge, explodes to rim, lefty finish

2. Bad Decision-Making, turns down dunker-spot and corner 3 pass, blocked

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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