DeAndre Ayton Player Profile


  • Offensive Rebounding
  • 3-point potential
  • Switch-5
  • Higher IQ than he gets credit for
  • Knows where to be on Offense: Dunker spot, Pick and Pop, Diving to block
  • Finds gaps with hands ready to catch
  • Good passer- recognizes double teams
  • Rim Protecting potential
  • Physical: Looks like Young Shaq was #FitFam


  • Jumper: Good, but L/R release sometimes
  • Needs arc- not a major concern
  • Can he create from perimeter? AD/KAT jabstep-pump fake move?
  • Soft Screener: Doesn’t take adv. of his beastiness yet

Pro Comp

  • If Clint Capela downloaded offense
  • Karl-Anthony Towns

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 1
  • Picks 1-2


  • 7’0”
  • 250lbs
  • 7’5” Wingspan
  • Powerful
  • Good runner/leaper
  • Light-footed


Ayton has the ceiling of a franchise player and an All-Star center.

If he sticks to the game plan of being a rim-protecting big who can switch PnRs, he could be a max player. The difference between being Tyson Chandler and KAT is a perimeter game. 5 years from now, bigs like Embiid, KAT, Davis, Jokic and Porzingod will dominate the league, so grabbing Ayton now could prove worthwhile while also showing foresight. A question: Can Ayton stay on the court when teams go super-small? Drafting combo forwards with a massive wingspan, and giving them spot minutes as 5s seems to be a trend. Draymond is obviously the best example of this; however, do not be surprised when the Celtics give Tatum some super-duper small ball minutes at some point. Ayton will need to learn how to stay on the court as the game becomes quicker. Regardless, if this kid puts it all together…lookout.


1. DeAndre Ayton Basketball IQ

2. DeAndre Ayton L/R Form, Off-Balance Jumper

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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