Jaren Jackson Jr. Player Profile


  • Rim Protection: Instinctual blocker, better feel on defense than Bamba, superb timing
  • Motor is excellent
  • Always active, energetic
  • Passing is underrated, makes the right read
  • Switch 5 Potential: agile enough to hang with guards off of PnRs
  • Decent scoring touch
  • Knows how to space the floor, corner 3s
  • Prototypical Stretch AND Switch 5!


  • Funky Form on J BUT, good lower fundamentals, uses “hop”
  • Dips ball too low on Jumper
  • Explosive BUT, not quick-twitch athlete (see Bagley)
  • Needs to put on weight
  • Rebounding
  • Can he learn to create on his own? Does he even have to?

Pro Comp

  • Myles Turner
  • Vintage Serge Ibaka

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2
  • Picks 3-6


  • 6’11”
  • 236
  • 7’5” Wingspan
  • Explosive with running start
  • Great motor


3-5 years from now, the NBA will need guys like JJJ.

With Embiid, The Brow, KAT, KP, Cousins and Jokic, as well as incoming draft picks all ready to lead the “Big Revival,” Jackson can be a great asset. Not only should he be able to defend bigs and protect the rim, he looks like he will be able to make life difficult for perimeter players too. A Stretch 5, Jackson can also be a Switch 5; someone who you feel okay with if he is switched onto anyone on the court during PnR defense. At 19 years of age, JJJ arguably has as high of ceiling as any big in this draft. Jackson Jr. looks like Serge Ibaka if Serge condensed all of his best years into one single season. There is a high floor for this big man prospect, as he seems to have a wide-ranging skill set with a motor to match.Check out the gifs below and imagine him doing that in an NBA uniform!


1. Defensive Monster (watch #2)

2. Corner Three

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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