Kevin Knox Player Profile


  • Combo Forward: Very en vogue in today’s league
  • Physical: Big and strong, plays like he knows it, too
  • NBA Skill Package: step-backs, runners, floaters
  • Off-the Catch: Will thrive with pin down sets, smooth looking J
  • PnR Game: Gives glimpses of being a secondary playmaker, improving
  • Defensive Potential: Big and quick enough to cover both forward positions, wonderful instinct to disrupt passing lane
  • Ball-Moving: Despite being adept scorer, does not fall trap to ballstopping
  • Mentality: Loves to get to the rim, will try and dunk on anyone, intense


  • Creating for others: Won’t ruin offense’s rhythm but, can he improve PnR game? Can he playmake for teammates?
  • Needs to put on some weight/strength to battle with 4s
  • Poor rebounder when his team uses him as a small ball 4
  • Defense: Has lapses, frustrating because he has the tools
  • Passing: lacks instincts/feel to set up his teammates

Pro Comp

  • Tobias Harris
  • Marvin Williams
  • Marcus Morris

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 3 with major upside
  • Picks 10-14


  • 6’8 ½ ”
  • 212 lbs
  • 6’ 11 ¾” Wingspan


Welcome to the School of Hard Knox.

The way Kevin Knox plays, this nickname may actually stick. Want to know the exact moment I was impressed with Knox? He tried not once, but twice, to dunk over the most intimidating man in college basketball, Sags Konate. And he even drew some fouls. Dude will try and jam on everyone and anyone; a mentality I love. A combo forward, teams will fall in love with how Knox can theoretically fit into pro offenses. With a smooth jumper and superb off-ball ability, Knox simply looks the part. Adding some PnR game will be a plus. Why isn’t Knox higher on boards? Well, I am sure he is. Personally, I considered trying to find a way to move him into the top-10. His rawness; however, still makes me uncomfortable. Plus, his intensity seems to only show up on the offensive end. He also shows a lack of feel for setting up anyone but himself. Yet, if Knox finds a way to perfect the things he is good at (off-ball 3s, iso-game, attacking) then he could end up moving up boards when bloggers do their inevitable re-draft.


1. Fearless attacker, this center is 6’8′, 250 lbs!

2. NBA step-back, long arms help him shoot over good contests, good arc

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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