Lonnie Walker IV Player Profile


  • Shot-Creation: His off-the-dribble game is crazy, you HAVE to see the gifs below
  • Style: Floor spacer who can potentially get off his own mid-range shot as well
  • Off-Ball: Superb cutter who is a constant alley-oop threat, moves well w/o the ball
  • Secondary Creator Potential: Some PnR game, needs to improve
  • Defensive Potential: Good feet, protects the rim as a guard, fights over screens
  • Measurables: Massive wingspan for a guard, good frame, shoes have springs in them
  • Star Ability: 3P shot and ability to hit off the dribble, as well as athleticism give him sleeper star potential


  • Jumper: Looks promising but he needs to fix a slow release
  • ALWAYS looks to score first
  • Can he keep the ball moving and not ruin rhythm?
  • Ball-Stopping is a sin in today’s game, needs to make easy play

Pro Comp

  • Good JR Smith – not this year’s JR
  • Ben Gordon
  • Victor Oladipo

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2/3
  • 8-14 range


  • 6’4”
  • 196 lbs
  • 6’ 10 ½ Wingspan


If there is one person who could jump into the top 8…

Lonnie Walker won the combine. Teams immediately recognized his star personality during interviews plus, he nailed all of the athletic tests. But what is Lonnie like on the court? His off-the-dribble 3P game is very advanced. Watch all of the gifs in his profile and it is like looking at vintage JR. Miami ran him off screens a bunch and he displayed his beautiful footwork. The potential to be a secondary scorer is there, albeit not developed fully right now. In other words, the dude has shown some serious PnR game. Defensively, Walker uses his lateral quickness to keep pace with all guards. His length allows for him to protect the rim on chase-downs, scrambles, and weak-side defense. Why are scouts and pundits alike hesitant to move him into the 8-10 range? If it is not a three, Walker cannot create much (for himself or others.) He looks to score first and will need to fully buy into NBA ball-movement offenses. Ball-stopping is a surefire way to end up a “what if” case. Regardless, Walker will make both social and regular media fall in love with him. If he becomes a playmaker, we could have a star here. He is my sleeper of the draft.


1. NBA Three Crossover Version

2. NBA Three Side-Hop

3. NBA Three Step-back

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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