Luka Doncic Player Profile


  • Deadly in the open court
  • Change of pace similar to James Harden (Deceleration)
  • Crafty handle, Inside/Out dribble, Hesi + Crossover
  • Passing Vision: Can make any pass on the court, sees everything, best passer in the draft
  • Shifty scorer with great footwork
  • 3P shot projects well: Progressing off the dribble (step-back)
  • Intangibles: Loves “the moment,” big shot taker & maker


  • Defense: struggles with PnR defense
  • Beat off the dribble too easily
  • Average footspeed, agility (NBA training should help)
  • Shot selection needs improvement

Pro Comp

  • Brandon Roy
  • If Grant Hill traded his athleticism for a 3-pointer
  • Current Tyreke Evans

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 1
  • Picks 1-2


  • 6’8”
  • 230
  • Wingspan N/A
  • Better athlete than given credit for


Talk about an enigma, right?

The youngest player to ever win the EuroLeague MVP, Doncic is a surefire pro.

His strengths are suited for today’s game. A passing savant with an improving three pointer, Doncic is the type of player who makes others better. His PnR mastery is a match made in heaven for the NBA. Some will question how his average agility will translate to NBA defense, and that’s fair. Yet, Doncic is a basketball Einstein who loves to compete. I have him as my number one prospect. In fact, I even named one of the gifs in his profile the “GOAT gif” because it was the most impressive clip of a prospect I have seen as of yet. His feel for the game makes you wonder if the kid was actually incubated in a basketball. As the primary creator, Doncic lives in a good rhythm. If taken with the first overall pick, the Suns will be getting someone who makes Booker better, and boy, is that scary.


1. The GOAT Gif



2. C.O.P Pass

3. Step-back Three

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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