Marvin Bagley Player Profile


  • Elite Rebounder
  • Motor and Energy are at a Marcus Smartian level
  • Nose for the ball, leads to Hustle-Buckets
  • Post Game: Establishes position early & deep, excellent left hand touch/moves
  • Jumper is OKAY! Kind of funky jumper but no major concerns
  • Flashes Perimeter/Free-Throw line extended game (up-fake/jab/drive-or-shot)
  • Defense: lateral quickness to switch PnRs, in theory at least
  • Good enough passer, but not gifted here
  • Crazy athlete, springy and agile
  • Dunker-Spot threat


  • Right hand is non-existent, leads to awkward misses on simple layups
  • Wingspan is small for position
  • Scorer, not creator
  • When teams go small, switch-5 while also protecting the rim? (see wingspan)
  • Despite motor, he has defensive lapses

Pro Comp

  • Skinny Julius Randle
  • Non-alien Aaron Gordon
  • Amar’e Stoudemire

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2/3
  • Picks 4-8


  • 6’11”
  • 235 lbs
  • 7’1 1/2 “ Wingspan


This young man just loves playing some roundball.

You will be hardpress to find someone on the court who plays harder than him – something we often forget to value as a skill. Bagley possesses the quickness to stick with guards on D, and takes advantage of slower bigs on O. While Jackson Jr. and Bagley have great verticals, Bagley gets off of the floor much quicker. On offense, the man is a natural scorer despite not having a perfect jumper. Some people just know how to put that thing in the hoop. Scouts have questioned his jumper, but I have no issues with it. With any luck, he will develop into an average 3-point threat. Defensively, his wingspan could hurt him. Small ball (and super-small ball) lineups live and die on a combo forward who has the quickness to defend guards and length to protect the rim (see Kevon Looney) Can he defend well enough on the next level to stay on the court? When a team like the Celtics go small, is he strong enough for Horford or quick enough for Tatum? Regardless, his motor eases some of those questions. Bagley should help a team with a struggling on and off court culture turn things around.


1. FL-Ext Jumper

2. No Right Hand

3. Lob Threat from Dunker-spot, Twitchy Athleticism!

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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