Mikal Bridges Player Profile


  • Shooting: shooting, shooting, shooting
  • Form: Tight stroke, utilizes hop, balanced, good release
  • Spacing: Bridges took many corner threes and sunk a lot of them
  • Monster Athlete, best dunk gif I have (below)
  • Powerful Athlete, underrated strength
  • Shot Blocking wing, a skill for that position which is growing in value
  • Strength, length and quickness to guard 1-4
  • Intensity with a proven desire to get better
  • Made for today’s NBA, should take 6 threes a game, great off the catch


  • Can he create his own shot?
  • Needs to get to the rim more via handle or cutting, take adv. of athleticism
  • Pull-Up shooting, shooting off the dribble in general
  • Handle: not shifty yet, very little PnR game
  • Not many weaknesses

Pro Comp

  • Bouncy Kris Middleton
  • Kelly Oubre
  • Tayshaun Prince

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2/3 closer to tier 2
  • Picks 6-9


  • 6’7”
  • 200 lbs
  • 7’2” Wingspan!


Here’s a Bridge I want to sell ya.

But for those big time NCAA followers, I won’t have to. If someone took Bridges as early as number 5, you will not get an argument from me. He is the best off-ball shooter in the draft. Mikal is made for the pace and space NBA. Houston must be going nuts trying to find a way to move up and grab him. Athletically, Bridges’ parents must have conceived him while watching Space Jam at a Drive-Inn theater. He projects as a high volume, high percentage wing who can hang with guards and other wings defensively. What is holding Bridges back from a higher consensus ranking? Well, the dude does not do much for others, or himself. As we go deeper into the playoffs, we see how valuable it is to have a player who can take a man one-on-one and just get a bucket. Bridges cannot do this, at least not yet. But what I love about him is his ability to attack the rim off of cuts and slips. Let us not forget that this guy knows what it takes to be a champion. Bet on this kid. We may look back a few years from now and wonder why this guy was not a top-5 pick. 


1. Everything you need to see in one single gif 

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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