Miles Bridges Player Profile


  • NBA Moves: Handle is developing, getting better at creating his own shot
  • Ex-Freaking-Plosive!
  • 3P Shooting: 35% from NBA Range, should be able to stretch the floor, fast break 3s
  • Defensive Potential: Built to guard 3s and 4s, but can stick with 1s and 2s. Wingspan is not too big (6’9”) but avg 1.5 blocks as a freshman, effort and energy could make him super-small ball rim protector
  • Built like a truck, good for banging on O and D
  • Energy! Guy has work ethic to get better, it shows on the court
  • Off-Ball: Excellent cutter, great from dunker spot/lobs. Important because he will not be primarily handler in offense
  • There is STAR potential here


  • Average Passer
  • Decent shooter but sometimes dips ball too low
  • Can he create for others? Make others better?
  • Poor FT rate, needs to go to rim more
  • Handle is there but still room to grow

Pro Comp

  • No one (Joking)
  • Marcus Morris
  • Tobias Harris
  • Jae Crowder with better handles

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2/3 but closer to 3
  • Picks 7-10


  • 6’5 ½ w/o shoes
  • 220 lbs
  • 6’9 ½ Wingspan


Here’s another Bridge I want to sell ya.

Bridges is a bowling ball with dynamite in his legs. To boot, the guy hustles his tail off. Bridges has worked hard on his game despite it not always showing in his Freshman-to-Sophomore year numbers. His three-point shot looks just fine but Bridges knows how to score in other ways as well. At the next level he will likely spend some time without the ball in his hands, fortunately, Bridges is skilled at backdoor cuts and grabbing lobs. What his career trajectory will hang on is his ability to create off the dribble, both for himself and others. Bridges has tried more of these NBA-type moves in college and has shown promise, despite not always hitting. But, he must create for others if he wants to reach the star potential he has inside of him. This is not Draymond Green, however. Bridges can guard 1-4 defensively but do not expect him to be a small-ball five regularly. Some have concerns over his defensive fit and wingspan. Is he more than a rich-man’s PJ Tucker? If he is, someone could have a steal on their hands.


1. “Dip.” Ball comes way too low

2. Ah, Much Better

3. NBA Shot Making (If this becomes consistent…star potential)

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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