Mo Bamba Player Profile


  • Verticality: Knows how to use every inch of that 7’10” wingspan
  • Block Radius: Forget simple rim protection, this guy blocks jumpers too!
  • Defense: Feet to compete with guards on switches, length to recover
  • Runs the floor
  • Shooting: Flashes touch, only 27% from deep; however, recent workout footage shows him improving three-point mechanics – look for him to improve, and quickly
  • Good rebounder, could be better
  • Passing: Not great, but getting there. Not a ball stopper


  • Physicality: Struggles in traffic, doesn’t take advantage of size on O the way he does on D
  • Weak Screener
  • Shooting mechanics: Old form was a slingshot, brought ball too far back. Improved?
  • Motor: Comes and goes
  • Creation: Can he create for himself or others? Or will he only be the result of offense?

Pro Comp

  • Tyson Chandler
  • If Nerlens Noel traded some explosiveness for height
  • Rudy Gobert

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2 with Tier one upside
  • Picks 3-6


  • 7’1” w/ shoes
  • 225 lbs (bad yikes!)
  • 7’10” Wingspan (good yikes!)


We know of the height. We know of the wingspan. We know of the three-point shooting workout videos.

Bamba looks like Gobert with a jumper. The man can lead the League in blocks while also not making you want to throw up if he is switched onto guards in a PnR. Defensively, this Longhorn has DPOY and All-Defense potential. Improving that 3P% is a key, but it looks like it is getting there. So, what gives me qualms about Bamba? It has nothing to do with his skill set or physical nature but, the game may be changing away from his skill set. During this postseason, we see coaches single out PnR matchups over and over again. Bamba can hold his own but, for how long? Small and super-small lineups may kill his effectiveness. With every possession becoming more valuable, his positional value is fair to question. Still, Bamba has something going for him. The NBA is FULL of talented bigs who may prevent coaches from going too small (Embiid, Towns, KP, Davis, Cousins, Nurkic, etc.) Perhaps Bamba has top-5 pick value after all. But wait, will the advent of 3-point shooting bigs just draw Bamba away from the paint, rendering his biggest strength useless? My head hurts! Everything hinges on Bamba’s feet proving quick enough to stalemate just enough PnR targets. Rank at your own risk, fellow HoopHeads.


1. Verticality (against Bagley!)



2. Traffic Finishing (how many 7 footers get stuffed by the rim?!) sorry, Javale

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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