Trae Young Player Profile


  • NBA Range: Can hit from Curry Territory
  • Jumper: Wide/Versatile shot pocket, doesn’t need to be set, quick release
  • Can hit J’s off the ball
  • Passing: 2nd best passer in the draft, can make “NBA” passes
  • Ball Handling: Tight and effective, has hesi, crossover, side dribble
  • Demonstrated good PnR ability
  • Big time player with clutch gene
  • Work ethic is too good for him to fail


  • Shot Selection: Knack for ball-stopping, hurting team’s rhythm
  • NEEDS to learn how to “quarterback” the game, make simple plays
  • Physical/Measurables are below average
  • How effective can he be defensively?

Pro Comp

  • Mike Bibby
  • Less-explosive Dame
  • If D’Angelo Russell traded some height for confidence
  • Everything I wished Shabazz Napier was

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2
  • Picks 3-6


  • 6’1 1/2 “
  • 180lbs
  • 6’3” Wingspan


Talk about an enigma, right?

The OU product was the best player in college basketball for half the year. What’s more impressive? Young looked the part of an NBA player. So, why is he such a polarizing prospect? Young has the tools to succeed in today’s NBA. He can hit 3s from anywhere on the court, can play off the ball and has the ability to make excellent passes. Problem is, Young did not do this consistently. During conference play, Young was often double-teamed and struggled making the right read, whether that meant shooting a trey or passing to an open teammate. Regardless, the talent exists. Young doesn’t need to develop his jumper, handle or vision. What needs to change is his ability to play under pressure and be a game manager. Personally, I am not concerned with his height, weight, wingspan or athleticism. The League is full of Walker’s and Conley’s. Young’s work ethic is renown; he should be able to overcome those deficiencies. So, why slot him #4 on my Big Board? Watch his game versus TCU and you see someone who looks like that point guard on Golden State. I don’t expect Young to play like Steph Curry, but if he is 80% of what Steph is, then isn’t that worth a top-5 pick?


1. How many NBAers can make this shot?

2. Knows and makes NBA passes, pass is much harder than it looks

Trae pass.gif

3. Selfish: Turns down two open teammates, defender literally never bites but Young still shoots anyways.

4. Looks directly @ 2 open teammates, turns them down, gets blocked. Also, refuses to pass to trailer for easy slam. This is a play that must happen at the next level.

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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