Wendell Carter Player Profile


  • Touch: Can score with L or R, post moves
  • Stretch 5 Potential: 41% from 3 on 46 attempts, smooth shot off the catch
  • Rebounding: Great! Overshadowed by Bagley at Duke
  • Passing: Potential to develop into Horford-esque type of passer
  • Thick frame coupled with feet of a dancer
  • Wingspan to protect paint, quickness to be okay versus guards, body for post defense
  • Great demeanor, projects as excellent locker room guy
  • High Floor


  • Average vert and explosiveness for size
  • Feel: Tendency to play too fast at times
  • IQ: Good on O, but on D he can bite on fakes and have lapses, should improve as he gets older/ more experience
  • No major weaknesses

Pro Comp

  • Taj Gibson learned offense
  • Millionaire’s Thomas Bryant
  • Young Al Horford

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 2/3
  • Picks 4-8


  • 6’8 ½”
  • 251 lbs
  • 7’4.5” Wingspan


Yes, I have Wendell Carter ranked above teammate Marvin Bagley…

Carter is heavily underrated. He has the trifecta needed for a modern NBA big: 1. Wingspan 2. Muscle 3. Agility. Some bigs in this draft give me the Gobert Effect. In other words, when teams go super-small in the postseason, can they stay on the floor? Carter eases those fears. Similar to most bigs, you don’t want him constantly getting switched onto a Curry or Harden. Yet, Carter can hold his own in spurts, and that area should continue to improve. He is also a solid paint protector. Offensively, his game translates immediately. He can hits threes off the catch or Pick N Pop, and get you post buckets. Yet, he will shine if he develops his passing game. Bigs who can create offense for their team are so valuable. Ask the Celtics. Carter deserves top-5 consideration and is being criminally overlooked. His skill set and body is tailor made for where this League is headed. Scouts knock his quickness, but I don’t see a problem. Simply put, he is a better shooter, passer and defender than Bagley.  The eye test and the stats tell us that. Remember: It is okay to have differing scouting opinions. Go with your gut, not groupthink. 


1. Pick N Pop Three (NBA Style Offense)

2. Timing/Defensive Instincts

3. Post Move Over 7 Footer (and potential pro) Doral Moore 

4. NBA-Read, on-the-move, corner pass (Horford-esque)

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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