Steph Curry’s Shooting Ring

Oh boy, how far have we come in just three short days without basketball? Things are already getting crazy on NBA social media, and things got especially crazy on NBA Reddit this morning. The question was posed of why the Warriors don’t have four guys create a circle around Steph Curry to allow him to get off a shot every possession. Like, wow. How hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Talk about a modern NBA offense. Some teams run the “triangle” offense, but once the Warriors adopt this strategy, they will be running the first ever “circle” offense. Anyway, why not have some fun? Let’s take a look at who the best players would be to surround Steph Curry if this fiction offense was real.


Dwight Howard, Kendrick Perkins, Tyson Chandler and Zach Randolph

Here it is, the new super team of the Western Conference. Picture a lineup of Steph Curry along with the four players listed above. Best of all, they can fully adopt the new “circle” offense that so many teams will soon be going to. However, this is the best tandem of players I could come up with to surround Steph Curry and protect him from defenders. Who’s going to try and bulldoze through a circle of Howard, Perkins, Chandler and Randolph? Not many people.

In the end, this is just a funny idea that is passing time before trade rumors and the 2018 NBA Draft get underway. Plus, once the “circle” offense is adopted, defenses will surely counter with the “tower” defense. The “tower” defense would consist of putting players on the shoulders of other players so they can block Curry’s shot (Boban is about to become very successful).

Anyway, stay golden NBA social media.

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