De’Anthony Melton Player Profile


  • Creation/Vision: Needle-threader, knows where ball is going before he gets it
  • Open Court: Surprising bunnies, excels off of two feet
  • Ballhandling: Good lower body, hips get low, quick burst
  • Defense: Strong and Long, pesky
  • Motor never turns off
  • Some PnR potential, would love to see him in an NBA offense full time
  • L/R handed @ rim finisher


  • Jumper: Improving, but still needs more reps with his current form
  • Handle: Still high, occasionally loses the ball when not pressured, his main (only) move is a spin into the paint
  • Mid-range: This dying art is being revived. Can he consistently get a bucket when the shot clock gets low
  • Sat out sophomore year due to FBI (NCAA) investigation

Pro Comp

  • Marcus Smart
  • Smaller Frankie Smokes

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 4/5
  • Picks 20-30


  • 6’3”
  • 193 lbs
  • 6’8 1/2” Wingspan


De’Anthony Melton…hmmm…go on….

The USC product had to sit out his sophomore year at USC but, I am not too concerned. The vast majority of NBA players probably committed some sort of NCAA violation. Why am I a little higher on Melton than other scouts? Presumably, you watched the NBA Finals. How important is defense? That is a rhetorical question. Melton is an elite defender who can extend his NBA career similar to Tony Allen. Yet, Melton has flashed some offensive upside. Combine and workout videos show an improving three pointer. His ability to create in transition and the screening game are decent as well. Worst case scenario for Melton is that he becomes a backup point guard who gets minutes with starters. Best case scenario, he becomes Marcus Smart with a 3P average that doesn’t bring with the number two.


1. Re-working that J. Now that’s the form we want!

2. Knows where the ball is going ahead of time, good feel

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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