Dzanan Musa Player Profile


  • European assassin from deep
  • PnR: Makes right reads, can run offense through him at points
  • Oily driver who slips past everyone with euros, deceleration and crossovers
  • Floater/Runners: Incredible touch
  • Vision in both the open and half court
  • Wants to win at all costs
  • Has some serious NBA Range both on and off the ball


  • Too slow to defend wings and not strong enough for 4s
  • Despite getting to rim often and in a variety of ways, he will struggle against NBA length
  • Prone to iso, will need to keep the ball moving on offense
  • Development is key: Will teams turn him into an off-ball sniper or want to run the PnR through him
  • Jumper may need higher release/arc

Pro Comp

  • Healthy Chandler Parsons
  • Rodney Hood

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 5
  • Picks 25-35


  • 6’9” 191bs
  • 6’9″ Wingspan


Whatever you do, do not go under a screen on this man.

Like…never. He will make you pay. The guy looks like a natural shooter, despite keeping his guide hand on a little too long. Similar to Aaron Holiday, Musa is a player who can bury threes, both on the catch and off the dribble. He will bring over some PnR skill as well, as Musa makes defenders pay the second they slip up. If two defenders stick with him to prevent the three, then Musa finds the screener for a slip. Go under and die. Literally. Death by three-pointers. In the most stereotypical way possible (sorry), Musa has that slippery Euro game, with crossovers, hesis and change of pace dribbles. But, his length and athleticism will hurt his chances to finish among NBA bigs. Plus, I am worried about his team fit. Whichever team drafts him must have a game plan for him that allows him to create and move off of the ball on varying possessions.


1. Pulling up on PnR defense

2. He’ll fit right in with that floater

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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