Elie Okobo Player Profile


  • DO NOT be surprised if he ends up the best PG in this Draft!
  • PnR Promise: Dictates the pace of the game, patient, ready made for NBA
  • Shiftiness: Will finish in the lane off glass, or get to the line, almost at will
  • Vision: Makes NBA reads
  • NBA Range: Not a “textbook” shot but some people just look so natural while shooting
  • Surprising athlete when in transition
  • Off-the-Dribble: Step-backs, array of finishing moves
  • Off-Ball: Two guard/combo guard potential
  • Creativity: Decelerates with the best of them
  • Defense: Potential is there


  • Handles: Ball is too high, fixable
  • Could stand to improve right hand
  • PnR Passes: Good vision but needs more velocity and accuracy, made some passes overseas that will get picked in the NBA
  • Defense: As of now does not fight through screens well, inconsistent
  • Still learning how to play the game

Pro Comp

  • Smaller Manu
  • Goran Dragic
  • Jeremy Lin

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 3/4
  • Picks 15-20
  • *Star Potential


  • 6’3” in shoes,
  • 180 lbs
  • 6’8” Wingspan


Trendy Pick Alert! – Trendy Pick Alert!

Talk about someone who is worth the hype…Frenchman Elie Okobo is shooting up big boards and is sure to move up mine. What does he do well? Well, he’s got NBA range with a silky J. He looks like a smaller Manu out there when he does those crafty moves on his way to the hole. Oh, and he decelerates like Harden. His game in Europe was predicated on the PnR, so Okobo will have tons of reps running an offense similar to the many in the League today. Good height, good wingspan, good frame for putting on weight. What is most impressive is the way Okobo lets the game come to him. He ALWAYS plays at his own pace; one that is advantageous for him and his teammates. We may look back and wonder why people like SGA and Sexton were ranked higher than Okobo. His high handle and decision making is a concern, as well as his pass velocity but, the making is there for Okobo to one day challenge Young as the best point guard in this draft.


1. Don’t leave him open for a second

2. Patient PnR dribbler, game comes to him (pace)

3. Good vision/decision, but this pass won’t make it at the next level

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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