Jacob Evans Player Profile


  • Bully on Offense: Strong body and knows how to use it
  • Winning Plays: Some guys just know how to make thing happen, (see gif)
  • Prototypical 3 & D: Wing who will overpower players, hustles his tail off
  • Nose for the ball
  • Good IQ/Feel for the game: Always makes the right play/pass
  • Spot-up 3P is his main offensive strength


  • Athleticism: Regular athlete by NBA standards
  • Not very creative/expansive handle
  • Good jumper but has a low release, may need to adjust
  • Can he contribute more to an offense besides 3s?
  • Limited upside

Pro Comp

  • Jae Crowder
  • What we want Justin Anderson to be

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 4/5
  • Picks 20-30


  • 6’5” 
  • 200 lbs 
  • 6’9 1/2” Wingspan


I like Evans, but not as much as some other scouts.

Is my UConn bias showing too much? Perhaps. Despite not being fully in love with Evans, I do like his fit considering the way the League is shifting. Evans can defend other wings and some 4s due to his strength. His strength; however, is his main defensive attribute, as Evans has ordinary lateral quickness. Evans will need to demonstrate he can guard the best of the best, as he will be asked to as his career goes on. His 3P shooting should translate immediately, making Evans a classic 3 & D player. Combined with his hustle, that skill will keep him in this league for a while. Yet, can Evans do anything but play defense and shoot 3s? Does he have to? Well, I guess not. Guys like Jae Crowder and Wesley Matthews will have long careers on a limited skill set. Yet, does this mean Evans should crack my top 20? Probably not. The League needs wings who can shoot but, there are better defenders and shooters in this draft. The 20s range seems right for Evans.


1. Altering shot of 2019 draft hopeful Jalen Adams

2. Making winning plays

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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