Josh Okogie Player Profile


  • Home Address is the Free Throw line
  • One of the best in the draft at getting to the rim, relentless
  • Offensive Rebounding
  • Jumper: Potential to nail one or two dribble pull-ups
  • Handle/Creation: Utilizes pumps and deceleration to get a shot off
  • First Step: Burst is for real
  • Defense: Hustles constantly, in theory he could guard 1-3
  • Off-Ball: Cuts similar to Avery Bradley


  • Despite constantly getting to rim, bad at rim finishing
  • Hustles on defense but struggles with fundamentals, stays upright (gif)
  • Handle: Can fake you out but only has straight line drives as of now
  • Very little PnR game
  • Jumper: Looks okay but he has a low release and L/R misses
  • What role does he play in the NBA? Backup creator? Starting two guard?

Pro Comp

  • Iman Shumpert
  • Robert Covington

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 5
  • Picks 25-35


  • 6’4”
  • 211bs
  • 7’0” Wingspan


I got so frustrated watching Okogie, that I am frustrated now as I type this.

With decent height, build, athleticism and a seven-foot wingspan, I want Okogie to lock down everyone he meets. Yet, he stays upright too often. If he gets burnt one play, he’ll come back to pick off a pass the next, and dunk it too. Consistency is key, ladies and gents. For instance, he can get to line with his speed and footwork alone. Awesome. But then he misses the layup. Bad. The dude is a professional at blowing bunnies. Still, the tools are there for him to be a late-first steal. Slight adjustments to his shooting mechanics, defensive stance, and approach to the rim could turn him from a “wanting more” backup to a starting two guard.


1. Bad defensive fundamentals. Why are you so upright?

2. Okay, this isn’t a GIF but where are you looking Josh?

3. Low release but promising

4. Ah, this is why I liked you

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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