Khyri Thomas Player Profile


  • 3+D Guard: Combined 40% 3P shooter over 3 seasons, on 3 attempts
  • Defense: Strong frame/legs and wingspan allow him to guard 1-3, good on helpside
  • Fundamentals: Good defensive position, knows when to jump passing lanes, excellent feet, uses body to advantage against smaller players
  • PnR: Better PnR player than gets credit for, although he is no full-time point
  • L/R finisher @ rim, crafty as well
  • Off-Ball: Uses “hop” when shooting off the catch, effective on DHOs
  • Passing/Vision: Has “NBA Eyes,” plays O. one step ahead, makes excellent passes out of the post and drives


  • Handles: Keeps the ball high, still too sloppy
  • Off-Dribble Shooting: Can he pull up from deep like Lonnie Walker?
  • Does he have enough PnR reps?
  • Not many glaring weaknesses

Pro Comp

  • Cross between Pat Beverley and Avery Bradley
  • Depending on how teams use him

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 3/4
  • Picks 15-20


  • 6’2 ½” in shoes
  • 198 lbs
  • 6’10 ½” Wingspan


I am buying Khyri Thomas stock.

In fact, give me all the stock. Now. After a strong NCAA season, I am not too sure why some big boards have Thomas moving down. My guess? Thomas is not doing anything to merit moving down; however, some players are simply moving up. Take De’Anthony Melton, for instance. His recent workouts were stellar so, some are quick to swap him and Thomas. Not me. For three years at Creighton, against great competition, Thomas sunk a ton of threes. He did so in a manner NBA teams will like: off of the catch. What’s more, Thomas displayed the potential to use this shooting threat to open up the PnR game. It is his vision which I felt was the most underrated aspect of his game. The gifs in his profile will do the talking (writing) for me. Defensively, Thomas is a 2x Big East DPOY, and for good reason. He manipulates his strong frame, long arms and quickness to smother everyone. Great fundamentals (stance) and active hands help as well. Sure, his handle is questionable yet, this can be improved. I love Thomas at the next level. He’s a gamer with definitive skills that are translatable. Some team in the mid to late first will get a real value pick here.


1. Vision, “NBA Eyes,” always a step ahead

2. PnR Game: 3P shot = D hesitation, uses it to advantage w/ pass

3. The defense he’ll bring to the NBA

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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