Troy Brown Jr. Player Profile


  • Playmaker: High IQ player who makes impressive passes, great vision
  • Strong: Brown has some good weight to him, knows how to use it when going downhill
  • PnR: Coaches will love to run PnRs with him when guarded by bigger 4s
  • Defense: Hustles his tail off, fights through screens, good recoveries/help
  • Hands: Always active, threat to rip or poke ball away
  • Positional Value: Quick and strong wing who can defend and make plays for others


  • Jumper: Sometimes looks fine, other times he pushes the ball (see gif below), also has a habit of “slingshotting” the ball when shooting threes
  • FT %: 75 percent at the line doesn’t suggest shooting comes naturally, will have to work to improve shot
  • Left Hand: Struggles really show when driving left to the rim
  • Athleticism: Fluid, but not overly explosive

Pro Comp

  • Evan Turner
  • Lance Stephenson

Tier and Picks

  • Tier 3/4 w/ potential
  • Picks 13-16


  • 6’7” 
  • 208 lbs 
  • 6’ 10” Wingspan


Troy Brown Jr. may get drafted higher than we expect.

Why? Brown can handle the PnR like a pro, a skill that NBA teams covet nowadays. He projects to switch 1-4 on defense, sets up teammates, rebounds and has handle to get to the rim. In other words, the dude is a San Antonio Spur in the making. And although Brown could benefit from the Spurs famous shot coach Chip Engelland, he probably won’t be available at pick 18. This is for good reason, however. Brown does all of the little things to make a team better. Teammates get easier shots when he is on the floor. Plus, Brown can get to the rim himself. So, why isn’t he higher on the big board? His jumper gives me serious pause. Sometimes Brown looks like he shoots the ball just fine. Other times he slingshots the ball and cocks is back way too far over his head. His mid-range is hard to watch too, as pull-ups seem rushed. Watch his right arm and hand as he shoots the midrange in the gif in his profile. The good news: Brown will get paid millions to do nothing but shoot jumpers. The potential is here for this kid, I’m rooting for him.


1. Passing Vision + Creation

2. PnR Playmaking, same scoop shot skill as Harden and Kyrie

3. Jumper: Focus on R/hand @ follow thru, pushes the ball, looks weird

2018 NBA Draft Big Board

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