Is LeBron back to Cleveland becoming more likely?

The NBA Draft has come and gone. Now, all eyes turn to free agency and LeBron James. While Vegas continues to raise the chances for the Cleveland star to end up on the Lakers, things could be going in the other direction. With the Paul George becoming more and more likely to stay with the Thunder, it is hard to see LeBron going to the Lakers without another star. This isn’t even mentioning the Spurs turning away all of the Lakers’ calls for Kawhi Leonard.

In addition, the Cavaliers also took one of LeBron’s favorite players in the draft last night: Collin Sexton. If all this wasn’t enough evidence, there are multiple reports saying the Cavs are still in discussions with the Hornets for star guard, Kemba Walker. People believe that LeBron is doing whatever he can to stay in Cleveland, and if the Cavs continue to improve by free agency, the King may stay home after all.

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