Terry Rozier says the Celtics can beat the Warriors

73-9 Golden State bums could not even pull of a championship after losing just 9 games and got their tails whipped by a peaked Cleveland LeBron James team. Do I care that they potentially signed a future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Cousins? PSHHHHHH NO! If anyone in the great city of Boston thought the season was shot and to chalk it up to a 3-peat for the Golden State Sell-Outs then you are not thinking logically enough.


Our lord and Savior Scary Terry just confirmed that the Celtics will beat the Warriors via facetime with Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy. Do I believe Mr. Rozier? Yes, yes I do. Scary Terry had his first start last season and as Ice Cube once rapped long, long ago he “F***ed around and got a triple-double.”


The Celtics are a force to be reckoned with. Nobody currently but, Rozier and I believe the Celtics can win the finals. The Celtics have some odd force that always comes around when faced with adversity. Similar to old man strength or adrenaline induced fear. Just minutes away from a finals appearance, the Celtics were missing Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Shane Larkin, and Daniel Theis. Celtics also had two players playing with significant injuries AKA Jaylen Brown with his nagging hamstring, and Marcus “DOPY” Smart’s hand after punching glass after losing a close game and one of his instagram girlfriends called him out on the social media site.


The 2018-2019 Boston Celtics will have a starting lineup of one of the best offensive scoring point guards in the league Kyrie Irving. A veteran that at anytime, anywhere, anyhow will come through for you Al Horford. An all-star who can score from the top of the key to the paint and play some great defense Gordon Hayward. A third-year man Jaylen Brown who not only will dunk on you but will also look off into space while doing so. And last but certainly not the least Jayson “THE REAL KING” Tatum who will obliterate you at the rim and has the potential to be 30-plus points a night guy. I mean the man dethroned LeBron James after the most insane poster I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Is this line-up better than the Curry, Green, Durant, Thompson, Cousins? Of course not. But, who cares about the starting line-up, lets see what the second unit looks like.

Jaylen Brown
Getty Images

The Boston Celtics second unit will be the greatest second unit to ever play and be the best defensive unit in the entire league. At the one you will have the lanky score at any moment Scary Terry. At the two you will have one of the greatest defensive players I have ever seen play the game and is only 24 years old Marcus Smart. At the 3 you will have the grittiest yell in your face, make fun of your momma Marcus Morris not to be confused with twin brother Markieff Morris. At the 4, but really a 5 you have one of the most fearless and best defending centers Aron Baynes. And to round it off at the 5 you will have the weight room maniac Robert Williams who was just picked up 27th overall by the Celtics in the first-round of the 2018 NBA Draft. The GSW second unit consist of only one guy which is Andre Iguodala. The rest of the second unit consist of Jordan Bell, Quinn Cook, Damion Jones and Shaun Livingston. Sounds like an easy roster for the Celtics defensive unit to handle with ease.


Who is to say these Warriors are even compatible? All I know is that Brad Stevens and the healthy defensive minded Celtics will keep GSW scoring below 100 points and be fiercely competitive to win an NBA Finals which will be the first one since 2008 when the Celtics were sporting the big three: Paul Peirce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and for consideration Rajon Rondo beating the Kobe Lakers.


Do you believe the Boston Celtics can beat the Warriors? Young gun, aim at your head, Terry Rozier sure thinks they can, as do I. Do not fear NBA lovers, the Boston Celtics will save everyone.

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