Thank You LeBron

Well, on the first day of free agency, the biggest free agent of 2018 signed with a new team. That big free agent was Ohio native LeBron James. James, who was a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the past four seasons just signed a massive four-year deal worth a whopping $153.3 million with the Los Angeles Lakers. The decision came the first day of NBA Free Agency, and it was way different from the production “The Decision” in 2010. Just like in 2010 and in 2014, basketball fans were on the edge of their seats awaiting where LeBron will go next. 2018 saw the destinations come down to staying with the Cavs, going to L.A., or trusting the process with Philadelphia. LeBron made his decision quickly and unexpectedly, something the fans aren’t used to from “King James.” But unlike the catostprohic change in teams in 2010, fans shouldn’t burn the King’s jersey again, but rather they should thank their hero for what he’s done for not only the Cavaliers organization but for the city as a whole.


LeBron first made the Cavaliers an attractive organization when he was drafted first overall by the team way back in 2003. Over the years, James made the city popular and buzzing again, and made the Quicken Loans Arena one of the most hopping places in Cleveland.  In his seven-year stint with the team, James managed to take Cleveland to the finals once in 2007, where they were swept by the Spurs. He was unable to bring a championship to “The Land” in his first stint, but seemingly was able to do everything else. In his last two years of his first stint he was named NBA MVP, a tough task to win once let alone twice. He was a six-time All-Star, where he won All-Star MVP twice. James was a four-time All-NBA selection, as well as the 2004 NBA Rookie of the Year. James was also selected to multiple other All-NBA teams as well as racking up other various awards in his seven-year stint.


Then LeBron James made a move that rocked the NBA forever, when he announced that he was taking his talents to South Beach to join Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Cleveland fans were furious and burned jersey after jersey in anger of seeing their hero leave. LeBron sought to be the greatest ever, and won multiple championships and garnered multiple MVP trophies in his time with the Heat.


But like every other human on this earth, James wanted to come home. In the summer of 2014 James did just that, as he joined Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in a mission to make Cleveland great again.

LeBron James Banner
Getty Images

The highly anticipated return proved to live up to the hype as James took the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in all four of his past years. In 2016, James delivered on his promise to Cleveland and turned them into “BelieveLand,” as he won them a championship ending a 52-year championship drought for the city. Three out of the four times, James came up short to the powerhouse Golden State Warriors, but literally carried his squad through the playoffs each and every year. Since his return in 2014, James was a four-time NBA All-Star, an NBA All-Star MVP, an NBA Finals MVP, an NBA Champion, and a four-time All-NBA selection.


LeBron James gave it everything he had each and every night for the city of Cleveland over the past four years, and tried to unite a whole community over the game that he loved. James gave his state, his city, and his team an amazing 11-year run silencing the haters along the way. No matter his legacy, Cleveland will always have a giant impact on the King’s career.


As “LAbron” adjusts to his new life of being a Laker, I ask you Cleveland to not tarnish your King’s name, but to honor it.

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