What the DeMarcus Cousins Signing Means for the NBA

On Monday, the entire NBA world was slapped right in the face with some terrible news for anyone other than Warriors fans. DeMarcus Cousins has decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. What exactly does this mean for the NBA though?


NBA Fans

For anyone other than Golden State fans this means that the reign of terror that the Warriors have been imposing on the NBA for years isn’t going to end. At least it isn’t going to end THIS season. DeMarcus is only on a contract with the Warriors for one year. After the Warriors presumably win the title this year though it would be difficult for someone to want to walk away from a winning situation. What better sales pitch can you give a free agent other than, “You just won a title with us, why not stay and win a few more?” So for the foreseeable future, the Warriors are probably going to remain the most-hated and best team in the NBA. This also means that unless you’re a fan of an Eastern Conference team, you shouldn’t hold your breath for your team to make the NBA Finals.



The Warriors signing DeMarcus Cousins only makes them better. In 48 games played last season, Cousins hit 104 shots from deep. This adds even more floor spacing and good perimeter shooting to an already stellar three-point shooting team. The Warriors have insanely high odds to win the finals and if Cousins comes back from his injury playing well the Warriors might even break their own regular season record of 73-9. A round of applause should go to the Warriors front office for making this happen. As much as many might hate the move of Boogie signing with Golden State, their front office might actually be miracle workers. Not only did they sign what some regard as the best center in the NBA, they signed him for a measly $5.3 million.



For the NBA, the signing of Cousins has brought a lot of hate. Fans on social media have threatened to boycott the NBA if nothing is done about the mega-super team that is now the Warriors. A new challenge for commissioner, Adam Silver, arises on how to truly deal with super teams in the NBA (If there is anything he CAN do at this point to prevent them.) For the NBA though we won’t really know what this means until the season starts. Will fans boycott the NBA? Who knows. One thing is guaranteed out of this blockbuster move however, the Warriors dynasty isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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