Under the radar Kawhi Leonard Trade Possibilities

Now that free agency has started to wind down, the biggest headline out there remains “who will trade for Kawhi Leonard?” If Leonard is traded at all, it won’t be anytime soon given the Spurs demands on what they want in return. All the rumors have Leonard traded to either the Lakers, Celtics or 76ers. However, all three of those teams are reluctant to trade for Leonard for different reasons.

The Lakers don’t want to part with Kyle Kuzma and feel they can sign Leonard next offseason. The Celtics don’t want to trade either Jaylen Brown or Jason Tatum, especially if Leonard won’t commit long-term. While the 76ers have cooled off to trading for Leonard since he won’t commit long-term, and he is no longer a convincing point to try and sign LeBron James.

While many teams will be scared off by Leonard’s lack of long-term commitment, other teams will take the chance like the Thunder did last season with Paul George and hope to sign him to a long-term deal. The next four pages consist of four possible Kawhi Leonard trades from teams who could convince him to stay long-term.

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