Under the radar Kawhi Leonard Trade Possibilities

Trade Three

Bucks get Kawhi Leonard, Brandon Paul

Spurs get Eric Bledsoe, Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, future first-round pick, another year’s pick swap

For a smaller market team like Milwaukee, star free agents rarely sign with them. Because of that the Bucks need to make a trade in order to contend in the Eastern Conference; especially with James out West now. Giannis Antetokounmpo has been loyal to the franchise and now the franchise needs to be aggressive in finding him a running mate. Pairing Antetokounmpo and Leonard would form a nasty duo defensively. Paul’s deal is non-guaranteed and can be waived at no cost. While Milwaukee is one of the smaller markets in the league, Leonard has spent the last seven season in San Antonio so he might stay long-term.

Middleton would be a nice replacement for Leonard at small forward, his all-around game and high basketball IQ would fit perfect in San Antonio. Bledsoe could either start with Murray or fill the Parker role. Brogdon was the rookie of the year in 2017 while his toughness and high basketball IQ is something the Spurs will love; especially on a rookie deal. The Spurs could send Leonard to the East (something they would ideally like to do) while getting back two valuable veterans, a former rookie of the year and some draft picks; not a bad package.

Click Page Five for the last trade possibility.


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