Under the radar Kawhi Leonard Trade Possibilities

Trade Four

Blazers get Kawhi Leonard, Pau Gasol, Brandon Paul

Spurs get C.J. McCollum, Evan Turner, Zach Collins, future first-round pick

Portland needs to shake things up, Damian Lillard and McCollum have very similar games while the Blazers lack an impact player along the wing. Leonard would give the Blazers the superstar two-way player they have tried to fill with a bunch of average players. Gasol provides big man depth to replace Collins and back-up Jusuf Nurkic. While Gasol is under contract for next season at age 39, only $6.7 million dollars of his $16 million dollar salary is guaranteed for next season.

For the Spurs, this might be the best offer they could see for Leonard. McCollum gives them a legit star to pair with Aldridge. Turner can replace the play making ability on the wing now that Kyle Anderson is in Memphis. Collins gives the Spurs a young athletic big to replace Gasol with. McCollum could turn into last years Victor Oladipo where he joins a new team and makes his first all-star game.


In the end, the Spurs aren’t likely to get a deal done with anyone until they lower their demands on the return package. Leonard’s camp has leaked reports that he want to go to Los Angeles, ideally the Lakers but also the Clippers, so any team trading for him will be very hesitant to give up a key piece.


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