11 Thunderous Statements

Year 11. It’s actually been that long. My heart can’t believe it. I remember several years ago when my dad and I were sitting on the couch watching ESPN together. A regular occurrence. A topic came up about whether OKC would get an NBA team someday and I remember looking at my dad asking him if he thought it would ever happen. He responded with a sort of bluntness that put me into a mini depression. He said he couldn’t see it happening because frankly, we are Oklahoma. That shook me. Flash forward to the not so distant future and it was announced the Sonics were coming to us. Talk about the greatest gift of my life and it was given to me by some rich dude named Clay Bennett I didn’t even know existed. All I knew was my dream was coming true. Look at us now. 11 years later and we are firmly supplanted in NBA lore forever. So for our 11th season I am going to put out 11 predictions that I can say with absolute certainty will come true. Bookmark them. Take a screenshot and come back to me when they have all come to pass. Let’s go.


1. Russell Westbrook won’t reach 20 triple doubles this season.

  1. Triple doubles are hard. I don’t care what Colin Cowherd says. Russ will probably miss a bit of time this season and might start slow. 20 triple doubles seem like a lot in a season where Russ should be asked to do less than previous years.


2. Steven Adams will have 100 moments this season where he looks like the biggest human on the planet.

  1. He was voted the toughest player by GM’s. Players say he is the strongest man in the league and he is somehow the offspring of Khal Drogo. The man is the world’s most beautiful force of nature.


3. TFerg will shoot 40% from three this season.

  1. Before you call me crazy just know  this man shot 44% from three post All Star break. I believe in TFerg and his Gatorade commercials awkwardness


4. Abdel Nader won’t quite be as weird Singler, but he will come close.

  1. The former Celtics legend will don No. 11 in addition to his throne at the end of the bench. I don’t know a lot about Nader honestly, but I have heard grumblings of potential weirdness ensuing.


5. Dennis Schröder will run away with 6th man of the year honors.

  1. Showcasing his skills in the starting lineup while Russ misses a few games will give him the early season hype train advantage. When Russ returns this man will terrorize opponents bench lineups.


6. Michael Cage will be blatantly and painfully biased in every Thunder broadcast.

  1. Disclaimer: I like Michael Cage. Not for his abilities as a broadcaster or his viewpoints, but just for the sheer enjoyment of the Cage experience. My dad and I frequently text each other memorable “Cage quotes” from games. It’s fun. Give it a shot


7. OKC will be the 3 seed, but the media will act like it’s a disappointment

  1. The irrational hate against us is so weird. Bill Simmons started it and since he is slowly drifting off into irrelevance others have taken up the mantle. It won’t stop this year.


8. Billy Donovan will be a Coach of the Year candidate.

  1. As a Billy Donovan truther I believe he hasn’t been given a shot to prove how good of a coach he can be. With continuity entering his 4th season we will finally find out if this guy can be a coach in this league.


9. 2 Pat will start more games than Grant. (and it won’t be close)

  1. 2 Pat can shoot, is a versatile defender and an underappreciated passer. He will blend in nicely with the other starters.


10. PG and Russ will make All NBA teams

  1. PG is 100% healthy and Russ will be Russ. Better chemistry and not having the insane amount of pressure of last year will allow these guys to play without a massive weight on their shoulders. Expect greatness.


11. Russell will set a new career high in snarls this season.

  1. Previous career high is unknown so I will allow you to set that number yourself. I promise whatever number you set he will beat it.

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