10/18 Bulls @ 76ers Rapid Reactions

Final Score: Sixers: 127, Bulls: 108

Philadelphia 76ers

  • Sixers are really good, but not quite ready. They followed up their 18-point loss to the Celtics, Tuesday, with a commanding 19-point W tonight over the Bulls, but there’s still a lot of growing to do here.
  • Markelle Fultz ain’t it. I know, I know, it’s only game 2 for them and he’s coming off an injury, but he’s playing about 30 minutes a night and his 17 combined points on 7-22 from the field as the #1 overall draft pick a year ago, just isn’t going to cut it. The crowd did go crazy when he hit his only 3 of the night late in the 4th quarter, though, so the fans obviously love him and are willing to be a little more patient with him than I am. Go figure.
  • Ben Simmons is really good. He can virtually do whatever he wants on the floor except shoot a jump shot. Logging his first triple double of the season with 13, 13, & 11 assists, don’t be surprised if he does that kind of thing often this year, you should probably just expect it.
  • Joel Embiid picked up right where he left off last season. His 4 blocks and 1 steal to go with his 30 & 13 double double make him an extremely early candidate for DPOY. His trash talk is still A1, too, if you were wondering.

Chicago Bulls

  • Defense is a foreign concept. The Bulls led 41-38 after the 1st but would only score 67 points over the next 3 while allowing Philadelphia to put up almost 90. Everybody was lost out there and Fred Hoiberg had no idea what to do either. *Long Sigh*
  • Jabari showed flashes of  quality scoring and rebounding, but clearly he’s out of shape. His 15 off the bench tonight can definitely come in handy throughout the season, but he’ll need to shoot better than 7-16 and improve on defense if he wants to stay in the rotation. And for $20 million this year, he better.
  • Bulls are going to live and die by the 3. They opened the game 6-11 from behind the arc and looked to be on their way to a hot night. They only knocked down 5 more in the game, finishing 11-33 from deep. When they’re hitting their shots they can be a really fun team to watch, but those inevitable cold stretches are going to be brutal.
  • Bobby Portis is going to be a problem for whoever is guarding him all season. He’s the Bulls best player right now, and did it all tonight scoring 20 and grabbing 11 boards. He also had 1 block, 1 steal and dished 2 dimes, too.
  • Zach LaVine looks good. Back for his first full season since the ACL injury, he seems to have the same bounce he had before. He scored 30 on 11-19 shooting, and played hard and seemingly unbothered by the knee injury from a year ago. He could be in a huge year barring any health issues.

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