10/18 Heat @ Wizards Rapid Reactions

Final Score: Heat 113, Wizards 112

Miami Heat:

• The so-called “chemistry issues” reported previously in the week as a result of the Jimmy Butler trade talks don’t appear to be an issue among the team. Josh Richardson, a mentioned trade asset, played the most minutes and was the teams top scorer.

•Goran Dragic, while struggling in the scoring department, still made his presence felt greatly on the court tonight. The point guard has never been quite known to be a scoring machine, but it was good to see Miami can still rely on him in that role.

•Key bench players produced tonight, with three producing nine points a piece, while creating assists and grabbing rebounds. Dwayne Wade struggled tonight however shooting once again.

Miami’s Play of the Game: With .2 seconds left in the game, Kelley Olynyk scores the game winning bucket off a Dwayne Wade miss. Olynyk was known for being a “Wizards Killer” already, draining 3’s to put Washington away in the 4th quarter of their series against Boston a few years back.

Washington Wizards:

•Not having Dwight Howard or the presence of a starting-quality center hurt the Wizards greatly tonight. Ian Mahimi, who Scott Brooks had previously talked about having his trust, only played 15 minutes tonight. Howard will bring a defensive presence to the backcourt on his arrival.

•Austin Rivers’ role could be seen more clearly tonight, and it was evident he will be a great asset in keep John Wall and Bradley Beal fresh. He can play both guard positions and allowed for the offense to run smoothly, keeping whichever player he was teamed with in the backcourt, aggressive throughout.

•Tomas Satoransky may have a lesser-than-expected role this year. Sato found his minutes reduced last year in the playoffs and did not seem to have Scott Brooks’ trust even with his play throughout the year in John Wall’s absence. The guard played only 14 minutes tonight, and while that may be attributed to the starters’ production, it is something to watch.

Wizards’ Play of the Game: With 4:50 left in the second quarter, John Wall drove to the basket and threw down a beautiful slam over Tyler Johnson to take the lead.

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