10/23 Clippers @ Pelicans Rapid Reactions

Final Score: Pelicans: 116, Clippers: 109

New Orleans Pelicans:

  • Well, Anthony Davis did what he does best tonight. The big man dropped 34 points and snagged 13 boards against the Clippers. He’s a monster. There’s only so much you can do to stop a guy like that. However, he’s gotta stop fouling.
  • The Pelicans only turned the ball over eight times, while the Clippers turned it over 16 times. Kudos to New Orleans for holding onto what’s theirs. Their record is now 3-0, and for them to keep that going they’ve gotta play every game pretty similar to how they did tonight.
  • Jrue Holiday was struggling to get buckets. When that happens, it’s important to do other things to help your team. Which is exactly what he did. Although Holiday went 2-for-15 from the field and 0-4 from the three-point line, he ended the game with six rebounds, nine assists and two steals.
  • Elfrid Payton balled out tonight. In his 36 minutes of play, he dropped 20 points, had six assists and six rebounds. He’s such an ideal player to be alongside Holiday. They work extremely well off eachother.
  • The Pelicans offense is straight up insane. With their starters dropping such big numbers and their sixth man dropping double digits every night, they’re unstoppable. With only three games into the regular season, it’s easy to see that they’re already the team to beat. Maybe this is the year that the Pelicans actually get past the Western Conference semifinals.

Los Angeles Clippers:

  • Patrick Beverley… known to the league as one of the most aggressive defenders out there. Keep doing what you’re doing, just ease up on those fouls. Having to bench a defender like Beverley hurts. In his 27 minutes on the court, he was able to snag 10 boards, all defensive. He also dished out 8 assists and put up 12 points.
  • The Clippers center situation needs work. Marcin Gortat started, played for only twelve minutes, took four attempts from the field and missed them all. He also only snagged three rebounds and got two fouls. Beloved Boban Marjanovic barely played tonight. The friendly giant was on the court for a minute and didn’t get the time to unleash the beast. Boban excels when he gets the chance, and putting him in as a starter will most likely make a bigger impact than Gortat.
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is already making a name for himself. He’s proven these past few games that he’s hungrier than most, and isn’t letting this league scare him. Tonight he went three-for-eight from the field and hit one three-pointer for a total of nine points. One thing the Clippers may be doing wrong is not letting him finish the game. Beverley is trustworthy, but Shai is young and full of energy and sending him in with even five minutes on the clock could benefit the Clippers outcome.
  • If Los Angeles can beat the Thunder AND the Rockets, then they have something special going on. They just haven’t found their sweet spot yet, but it’s coming. They’re working their kinks out slowly but surely and once they do, the Clippers will once again start to become a threat in the West.

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