10/24 Lakers @ Suns Rapid Reactions

Final Score: Lakers: 131, Suns: 113

Los Angeles Lakers:

  • GOOD NEWS, THE LAKERS FINALLY WON! Guess they don’t need Kobe to come back quite yet.
  • The Lakers were able to break 100 points before the fourth quarter for the first time this season. Which is a good sign. Their first two losses were within nine points, and their third was down to the wire and they only missed it by one point. Fortunately, they broke their losing streak and won by a sufficient (enough) margin.
  • Los Angeles’ starters have been impressive, considering Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram are out. Yeah, it obviously shook their game plan up a little bit having two strong starters out but the young guys have been making it work. Like I’ve said before, these guys just have a special dynamic going on mixing the youth with LeBron James’ veteran talent and knowledge.
  • Every single starter scored over 11 points tonight, and three of them grabbed over 6 rebounds. The Lakers are producing good numbers, and it’s great they finally got a win under their belt. Yet, they’re still learning and that’s been made very obvious since the start of the regular season. As long as every player continues to contribute numbers like they did tonight, they’ll start winning more and more.
  • LeBron James had a good night. He scored 19 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and had three steals. Josh Hart made it rain beyond the arc after going four-for-six, and also shot five-for-eight from the field. He ended the game with 15 points. Another player who had an impressive contribution was Lance Stephenson, he went 10-for-14 from the field, grabbed eight rebounds and scored 23 points in the Lakers first win of the regular season.

Phoenix Suns:

  • Tyson Chandler still plays basketball. Pretty good, too. The Suns have a pretty secure rotation at the center position. DeAndre Ayton, who starts ahead of Chandler, showed out tonight. Ayton ended the night with a double-double after dropping 22 points and grabbing 11 boards. The starter went 11-for-14 from the field. Chandler ended the night with 14 points, after playing only 14 minutes. Now that’s efficiency.
  • Jamal Crawford needs more court time. End of story. You have one of the best three-point shooters in the league–utilize him. Having him on the hardwood for 14 minutes didn’t do much for the team.
  • Devin Booker shot 50% from the field and finished the night out with 23 points as well as seven boards and seven assists. A decent night for Booker.
  • Both the Lakers and Suns had similar shooting percentages in all categories. Phoenix just needs to think quicker, the Lakers had them beat by the third quarter and were just all-around faster and smarter. The Suns need to get used to playing at the level of young players like Kuzma, Ball and Hart. The league is slowly but surely turning into a young mans game.

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